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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orange County Caregivers Help Senors and the Elderly Beat the Heat!

Now that summer has finally arrived, residents of Orange County are getting their swimming gear ready and finding fun ways to beat the heat while spending some quality time with family and friends. As engaging a time as this can be, the summer heat demands that we pay special attention when it comes to exposing oneself under UV rays. and high temperatures. Brisk and fresh though it often is, California weather does have the potential to reach the high 90's, and for the elderly, as well as those suffering illness, this heat can not only cause extreme discomfort, but it can also be quite detrimental to their health!

So what solutions are there to allow individuals and their families to enjoy their summer vacations while also having the peace of mind that their loved ones' health will not be affected? One surefire way that this can be done is to have control of said loved one's environment and monitor every detail of their schedule. It's a lot work, unfortunately, and can prove too much for those who are currently juggling between jobs, school, and caring for children. With this in mind, families in Orange County have turned to hiring in home or live in caregivers. The only question remaining is how to choose the right one?

A-1 Home Care can help you with that very important decision, as we have been working to provide families in Orange County with compassionate and professional 24 Hour caregivers since 1991. The caregivers we recruit are all equipped with 2 years or more of caregiving experience  and are well versed in all facets of care including but not limited to After Surgery Care, Incontinence Care and Companion Care. Our home health aides are often asked to administer some of our more popular services that range from Senior Care to 24 Hour Care.

Call our office now at 949 650 8400 or visit us at A-1 Home Care or A-1 Domestic Professional Services for more information on our caregivers.