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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is Companion Care?

For a lot of adults and younger people who are not familiar with seniors and the elderly, the concept of Companion Care may not make much sense. After all, why would you pay for someone's services to be in the home with you? The truth is, that companionship, while easy to establish and form during youth and adulthood, are not as common once you age. As your health and body ages, so does your mind. Elderly seniors do not feel inclined to go out and meet new people as much as they used to. And not only can caregivers provide companionship for their clients in the comforts of the patient's own home, but they also do so much more for the patient.

A-1 Home Care's caregivers each have a minimum of 2 years experience and are professional when administering care for the elderly, and for the disabled. With Companion Care, our 24 hour and in home caregivers  can administer Senior Care, Incontinence Care and much more. They are experts at providing care and are guaranteed to take watchful care of your loved ones.

Call us at 949 650 3800 or visit us at A-1 Home Care for more information on our services.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orange County Caregivers Help Senors and the Elderly Beat the Heat!

Now that summer has finally arrived, residents of Orange County are getting their swimming gear ready and finding fun ways to beat the heat while spending some quality time with family and friends. As engaging a time as this can be, the summer heat demands that we pay special attention when it comes to exposing oneself under UV rays. and high temperatures. Brisk and fresh though it often is, California weather does have the potential to reach the high 90's, and for the elderly, as well as those suffering illness, this heat can not only cause extreme discomfort, but it can also be quite detrimental to their health!

So what solutions are there to allow individuals and their families to enjoy their summer vacations while also having the peace of mind that their loved ones' health will not be affected? One surefire way that this can be done is to have control of said loved one's environment and monitor every detail of their schedule. It's a lot work, unfortunately, and can prove too much for those who are currently juggling between jobs, school, and caring for children. With this in mind, families in Orange County have turned to hiring in home or live in caregivers. The only question remaining is how to choose the right one?

A-1 Home Care can help you with that very important decision, as we have been working to provide families in Orange County with compassionate and professional 24 Hour caregivers since 1991. The caregivers we recruit are all equipped with 2 years or more of caregiving experience  and are well versed in all facets of care including but not limited to After Surgery Care, Incontinence Care and Companion Care. Our home health aides are often asked to administer some of our more popular services that range from Senior Care to 24 Hour Care.

Call our office now at 949 650 8400 or visit us at A-1 Home Care or A-1 Domestic Professional Services for more information on our caregivers. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Give Loved Ones the Gift of Independence this 4th of July!

This 4th of July, why not celebrate our nation's Independence Day by granting your elderly 

or disabled loved ones the opportunity to have their own independence around the home? 

While it's true, that with age comes a greater need for a helping hand, many seniors are 

reluctant to accept this help. The passing generation is one who celebrated self-

sufficiency so it may be hard for them to realize that a helping hand goes a long way. 

What we can offer as a 24 Hour non medical homecare agency, are live in and in home 

caregivers to tend to your loved ones every need. With an on the clock caregiver, your 

loved ones will no longer have to wait long periods of time for getting tasks done.

Professionals in administering Alzheimer's & Dementia Care, After Surgery Care and more, 

our caregivers can give you the peace of mind that they will provide security and comfort in 

the home. 

Find out more about our home health agency at our website. You can also view 

our Facebook. For more information about Elderly Caregivers, call our office at (949) 650-


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hiring an elder law attorney/ A-1 Home Care Orange County

Many clients of A-1 Home Care are faced with a situation in which their elderly parents are no longer capable of making their own health care or legal decisions. In this case, it's prudent to hire an elder law attorney to determine the next course of action. But how does one proceed with this?

There are varying degrees of qualifications with elder law attorneys. To be sure, it's best to ask questions such as:
  • How long has he or she been practicing?
  • Is elder law the person's specialty?
  • How much of the person's practice involves elder law?
  • Is there an initial consultation fee?
Most lawyers will have no problem answering these kinds of questions. If someone tries to brush these off, it may be a sign of a poor fit. If you are uncomfortable with the answers you get, keep looking. You want to start off with someone who you feel has the experience and knowledge to keep your loved one's best interests in mind.

Our Orange County Senior Caregivers are highly rated and loved by families across California. Call us today if you're seeking caregiver assistance in   Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach, Tustin, Costa Mesa and other cities of Orange County
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